The Pause Retreat
relax, reflect and restore

PAUSE is for the woman who feels overwhelmed, under-appreciated, devoid of creativity and empty. She’s taken on too much and has neglected herself. She’s ready for stillness, connection, community and to embrace spaciousness.

Are you fighting a loosing battle?
Are you tired of pretending?
Are you sickened by self-betrayal?

Now is the time.

It’s your time… to reveal who you really are, what you truly long for to boldly admit that you cannot be who someone wants and needs you to be?

PAUSE to relax
PAUSE to reflect
PAUSE to restore
PAUSE to release
PAUSE to receive
PAUSE to connect
PAUSE to share
PAUSE to serve
PAUSE to heal
PAUSE to forgive
PAUSE to love
PAUSE to explore
PAUSE to embody
PAUSE to celebrate
PAUSE to create
PAUSE to breathe
PAUSE to listen
PAUSE to trust

Ready to Pause?

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