Claps & Snaps

“When I first met Esther, I was in a big transition phase having just relocated to the area from out-of-state and also wanting to change careers but unsure of what I really wanted or what direction I was headed. Esther provided such amazing unexpected insight and subtle guidance to things that were really eye-opening for me. As our partnership evolved, more transition came down the pike for me. I started a business, I became pregnant with my first child, I bought a house and relocated again to a new community. Esther gave me support, clarity and kept my head on straight through it all. At times, I was overwhelmed and did a lot of thinking “in my head.” With Esther’s encouragement and realness, I was able to get out of my head and cultivate a deep connection with my heart and follow in the direction I now know I need to be in and have started a second business. I am a better me thanks to Esther and I am looking forward to continuing working with her and taking things to the next level.”

Rae Greenip, Business Relationship Strategist and Entrepreneur

“Prior to working with Esther Bailey-Bass, I honestly thought that coaches were just productivity gurus for CEOs.

While Esther certainly gave me plenty of helpful productivity tips, she also gave so much more.
I went into coaching looking for Band-Aid solutions for deeper level issues. I was reading lots of career self-help books, but what I really needed was someone to listen to my story and cut to the heart of the issue in a firm, but gentle way.

Esther was able to ask probing questions that revealed the true issue. She then taught me how to listen to my deepest needs, articulate my personal values and make action steps that honored my true self rather than who I thought I should be.

People should know that Esther will push you past your comfort zone, she will empower you to trust your instincts, she creates safe spaces for vulnerability and growth and her coaching is absolutely worth the time and effort it will demand from you.”

Jacquelyn Miller, Director of Professional Development

“Through talking with Esther I was able to mine for gold/truths that had laid dormant all along waiting for me to gain awareness and take action with the knowing that I had both the beauty and the worth to do exactly as I want; to cultivate the life and the peace that I desire. And equally as powerful as acquiring that knowledge, was learning how to carry out the work to obtain it.”

Alimah Baxter, Mom

“I’m a master of deflection, and Esther held me to account on all my agreements. She continued to see right through me and hold me to account for my actions and promises. It was Esther’s listening and self-awareness that kept me on task, and allowed her to see me through to success.”

Kyle Sutton, Pastor

“What I have learned and will carry forward in my life is continue to dream, and expand what is important to me and my life so that others might see and share in it. I think I would note that I had to go to some areas of thinking that were uncomfortable, but that when I did, I experienced a new level of understanding myself. Therefore, I should not be afraid/reluctant to move forward in areas that I would typically stay away from. Thank you Coach for your leadership, encouragement, and laughter.”

Rhonda Allen, VP of Programs

“Before working with Esther I was feeling very scattered and stressed out. After years of self care practice I was slipping into saying a quiet yes to others when I meant a LOUD no, and it was getting in the way of keeping my peace of mind and my work at the top of my priority list. I know I was flirting with burnout from working too many hours while trying to keep too many people happy.

Esther helped me get honest with myself and see where the breakdown between what I wanted and where I was self-sabotaging was happening. Her warm but challenging questions ground me when I find myself starting to get distracted and tipping into old habits. In just the few short months we’ve worked together I already feel more confident, elevated and self-assured. That feeling often sticks with me between sessions and check-ins, too!

Esther is the kind of coach who always has your back. She asks the hard questions in the most caring way, so that when you start digging into the nitty gritty of your resistance, you still feel supported. I highly recommend her to anyone who is on the path to realizing big dreams.”

Emily Burrows, Self-Care Coach & Yoga Teacher