The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

How did I get here?

Before my journey as a coach, I was disconnected from my core values and out of alignment with myself. I was “phoning it in” day after day. I was miserable and felt disrespected, undervalued, and unappreciated. It wasn’t until I began to question myself, asking “is this what I want to do until I retire?” The voice inside screamed “NO!”. That’s when I began my journey into self-exploration.

During my search, my level of dissatisfaction and discomfort grew. My values were not being honored anywhere by anyone, including myself. In fact, my disconnection from my values didn’t surface until I attended my very first coach training course. Until that time, I continued to suffer. Anger became my go-to emotion because I felt empty, devoid of creativity, self-expression, fulfillment, or purpose. There was a chasm so deep and wide I could hardly recognize my true self.

I began exploring options for future self. I talked to family, friends, colleagues, asking “how do you see me? Much of what they offered didn’t hit the mark and I continued to explore. I asked myself, what I liked to do as a young woman. I had reached a point of deep personal inquiry, and it led me to coaching.

Once I found my calling, everything fell into place. The voice I thought I’d lost was emerging. I began to challenge authority, to question decisions and offer my insight. No more playing “good girl”, dotting “i’s” or crossing “t’s”. It was messy and I was there for it. Today I’m different, and I care less. Let me explain- I care less about controlling others and their outcomes. I care less about being in spaces where I’m not welcomed. I embrace simplicity, nourishment, sensuality, sisterhood, service, and more love. I sense that in each one of us there’s a calling for acceptance and true belonging, free from the burden of self-hatred and tolerations. A “welcome home” sign, if you will.

I believe that EVERYONE IS A LEADER, and as a leader you have the capacity to empower and influence those you live and work with. However, to OWN your leadership you must follow your personal guidance system, which is a function of your core values and beliefs.

I use warm, calm, gentle, support to get you where you need to go. No yelling here, no ultimatums, unless necessary. Just the perfectly timed nudges you need to help you:

  • Honor and trust your instincts
  • Align with, articulate and live your values
  • Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence
  • Shift your internal dialogue from a frantic mindset to calm and reflective one
  • Show up in your relationships and work from a more empowered, engaged and authentic place

I guide my clients through a process of self-discovery, awakening them to the agile leader within. They reconnect to what is most important and learn to lead with integrity, confidence and authenticity.

Esther Bailey-Bass, CPCC

Peace. Love. + Wisdom.

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I will support you in the process of uncovering the mysteries of yourself. I will help you shift from a passive mindset to one of leader. The world needs us to have the audacity to be self-governed and to be the author of our lives. We’ve coddled each other and given excuses for why we “cannot.” We’ve always had permission to dream big and live big. It’s the stuff movies are made of, and yet we expect someone else to create our lives for us. Women—as leaders in life, work, and business, it’s time to move beyond good intentions and take bold, authentic action.

As a Co-Active® coach, transformation is the goal while creating a space that fosters real connection and intimacy for truth-telling. When you show up with a “desire” to be coached, curiosity, intuition, and listening will weave the conversation. We will engage in such a way that fosters open, candid conversations to deepen our learning, and forward authentic action.

I want to seek out the “truth” that is you, and tell you the truth, in order to draw out your big-picture dreams through hard, focused, and purposeful work and accountability. We’ll focus on you, the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit and I, as a mirror will allow you to see yourself more clearly, elevate your consciousness, confidence, and connect with your internal landscape. Our work together will result in action, lasting change, and greater personal fulfillment.

My objective is your transformation while upholding high professional and ethical standards.

It’s time and you’re ready. Let’s get you there. Connect with me at to start living the life you dream of, today.

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