Esther Bailey-Bass, CPCC

    Peace. Love. + Wisdom.

    I will support you in the process of uncovering the mysteries of yourself. I will help you shift from a passive mindset to one of leader. The world needs us to have the audacity to be self-governed and to be the author of our lives. We’ve coddled each other and given excuses for why we “cannot.” We’ve always had permission to dream big and live big. It’s the stuff movies are made of, and yet we expect someone else to create our lives for us. Women—as leaders in life, work, and business, it’s time to move beyond good intentions and take bold, authentic action.


    As a Co-Active® coach, transformation is the goal while creating a space that fosters real connection and intimacy for truth-telling. When you show up with a “desire” to be coached, curiosity, intuition, and listening will weave the conversation. We will engage in such a way that fosters open, candid conversations to deepen our learning, and forward authentic action.


    I want to seek out the “truth” that is you, and tell you the truth, in order to draw out your big-picture dreams through hard, focused, and purposeful work and accountability. We’ll focus on you, the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit and I, as a mirror will allow you to see yourself more clearly, elevate your consciousness, confidence, and connect with your internal landscape. Our work together will result in action, lasting change, and greater personal fulfillment.


    My objective is your transformation while upholding high professional and ethical standards.


    It's time and you're ready. Let's get you there. Connect with me at engage@ebbnflowcoaching.com to start living the life you dream of, today.

  • Word on the Street

    Kyle Sutton

    “I’m a master of deflection, and Esther held me to account on all my agreements. She continued to see right through me and hold me to account for my actions and promises. It was Esther’s listening and self-awareness that kept me on task, and allowed her to see me through to success.”


    Emily Burrows

    "Before working with Esther I was feeling very scattered and stressed out. After years of self care practice I was slipping into saying a quiet yes to others when I meant a LOUD no, and it was getting in the way of keeping my peace of mind and my work at the top of my priority list. I know I was flirting with burnout from working too many hours while trying to keep too many people happy.


    Esther helped me get honest with myself and see where the breakdown between what I wanted and where I was self-sabotaging was happening. Her warm but challenging questions ground me when I find myself starting to get distracted and tipping into old habits. In just the few short months we've worked together I already feel more confidant, elevated and self-assured. That feeling often sticks with me between sessions and check-ins, too!


    Esther is the kind of coach who always has your back. She asks the hard questions in the most caring way, so that when you start digging into the nitty gritty of your resistance, you still feel supported. I highly recommend her to anyone who is on the path to realizing big dreams."

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