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    Esther Bailey-Bass, CPCC


    Consider me your ally in the no excuses pursuit of your personal excellence. The work of my life is helping female leaders on the brink of success leverage their internal strength, build essential skills and develop a powerful network of other women on the rise to reach their dreams.


    Bring me that dream. The impossible one. My favorite work is figuring out what it takes to make that real. (Hint: Not as much as you think. Promise.)


    Let’s get there.

  • Word on the Street

    "Knowing I have both the beauty and the worth to do exactly as I want"

    Through talking with Esther I was able to mine for gold/truths that had laid dormant all along waiting for me to gain awareness and take action with the knowing that I had both the beauty and the worth to do exactly as I want; to cultivate the life and the peace that I desire. And equally as powerful as acquiring that knowledge, was learning how to carry out the work to obtain it.” ~ Alimah Baxter

    “I experienced a new level of understanding myself.”

    What I have learned and will carry forward in my life is continue to dream, and expand what is important to me and my life so that others might see and share in it. I think I would note that I had to go to some areas of thinking that were uncomfortable, but that when I did, I experienced a new level of understanding myself. Therefore, I should not be afraid/reluctant to move forward in areas that I would typically stay away from. Thank you Coach for your leadership, encouragement, and laughter." ~ Rhonda Allen

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