• You're ready to be seen

    You’ve made a clear decision to become the woman that your life, work and business goals require you to be. The Embodied Wisdom Community offers clear strategy and dynamic support to match the power of your intention.

    Connect with your deepest “why” to ignite your life and professional goals.


    Give and receive soul-deep support from other women on the rise.


    Get clear steps and actionable networking strategy to move your plans forward.

    Join a community of women committed to defining their life’s mission and finding their next professional phase of excellence. Confidence. Personal Strength. Abundance.

    Let’s get you there.

  • What Is Embodied Wisdom?

    A set of core principles identified by Esther Bailey-Bass designed to empower you on the journey to your committed goals.

    Principle 1: Spiritual Practice

    Principle 2: Affirmation

    Principle 3: Appreciation

    Principle 4: Interior Landscape

    Principle 5: A Daily Ritual

    Principle 6: Silence

    Principle 7: Creativity

    Principle 8: Acceptance

    Principle 9: Right Relationships

  • This sounds fantastic. But...how does it impact my path to success?

    Our professional and financial reality directly reflects what’s going on inside. There’s a reason why the world’s great leaders, elite performers and the get-it-done class are obsessed with personal growth and developing internal fitness. This foundation is what allows you to thrive.

    In The Embodied Wisdom Community, these teachings are paired with clear action steps to move the networking, strategic communications and development side of your goals forward as well.

    This is a way to take these self-development principles with you into the real world. Get insights and support from your peers. Talk about your challenges and a-ha moments. We also get into the nitty-gritty of your success. Get tools and insights you need to move your dreams into reality.